New studies reveal a significant correlation between Infant sleep patterns and growth. New moms undergo many physical changes and without any doubt, we can say that they all equally urge for good night sleep. Everyone says to sleep when the baby sleeps.

Yes, we all desperately want to have our babies put to sleep so that we can take a good nap. But what if they sleep more than usual?

Well, every parent has gone through a similar situation and medical experts have many reasons for these unusual sleeping hours of babies.

Top 3 reasons why your baby starts sleeping than usual

Babies exhibit different sleeping patterns and eating disorders at different times. More often, these disorders appear to be non-harmful. Anyways, let us examine some top medical reasons for the specified condition.

1.Growth Spurt

The first reason that every medical expert points out for sleeping more than usual is related to your baby’s growth spurt. For a baby, growth spurts happen at different stages of their development cycle.

The first term is from 3rd week to 4th week. Second and third growth spurt generally happen at the 7th and 10th week respectively. From the third month to 4th month is the fourth growth spurt.

Fifth growth spurt takes place in the 6th month. Throughout these growth spurts, no matter what happens around him/her, your baby will be sleeping more than usual.

Eating disorder is also accompanied by a growth spurt. Don’t worry too much if your baby exhibits both irregular eating and sleeping patterns.

Just keep him/her under close observation for three to four days and if it feels like some factors are affecting their physical state, book for a well-practised paediatrician.


At the beginning of the 4th-month teething in babies start. Babies display various types of distractions during this period.

From low-grade temperatures to extra sleeping hours and reluctance to take solid foods are the common symptoms related to teething.

Parents are heard saying that their babies are sleeping more than usual at the time of teething. However, health monitoring must be done continuously as they are prone to dehydration when there is a shortage in the intake of breast milk or formula.

3.Attack of Viruses

Getting infected with any type of viruses makes your baby tired. Call your paediatrician and get your baby medicated at the right time. Medication along with infection leads to sleeping more than usual.