No mother wants to see her baby crying! With no obvious reasons or their physical illness, understanding why your babies cry is a matter of discussion. Now, let us learn some tricks that help parents soothe a crying baby. Take these techniques as trial and error methods rather than a comprehensive solution.

Tricks to relax a crying baby

Listed below are different ways you can give comfort and care for a fussy baby. You can try all the methods and pick the right one that goes well with your baby.

  1. Swaddle your baby

Making your baby feeling ‘secured and cared’ is the first technique that you can apply in your daily life, especially with a crying baby. Swaddling your baby in a hygienic and cosy blanket makes them calm. Instead of covering your babies up to their chin level, try swaddling them at the armpit level. This enhances your endeavour to relax a crying baby. Due to startle reflexes, your newborns start crying continuously. Wrapping them in a silky smooth blanket helps them recover from startle reflexes.

  1. Prompt sucking

Babies really love sucking. In fact, it is the only job they know. As an intelligent step to soothe a crying baby, parents can adopt this strategy. From different parents, it is heard that this technique is the one that had worked. Lend a clean finger or a hygienic pacifier to calm their nerves. Even though it is a non-nutritive sucking, you can help the baby find his/her finger for sucking.

  1. Go for a gentle walk outside

Let your baby move out of the usual environment and breathe some fresh air. A change in the usual environment helps your baby elevate his/her mood.

  1. Colic Carry

When all the tricks and techniques end up in failure, ‘the Colic Carry’ can come to your rescue. It may be due to some gastric problems or colic that makes your baby cries inconsolably. Follow these below-listed steps to carry out a successful Colic Carry.

  1. Take your baby on your forearm and make him/her lay on tummy
  2. With your baby’s abdomen on your shoulder, hold them upright to help relax a crying baby
  3. For gastric reasons, let your baby lay on his/her back. Start pushing the baby’s knees up to the tummy. Retain the same position for nearly 10 seconds. Continue the process till you find that your baby is relieved from the gastric issues.