A newborn fills our heart with love, wonders, and excitement. As a new mom, you feel like a little portion of heaven has fallen on the earth, right on your bed. There starts the beginning of the tenderest period of your life. Equally thrilling, but also struggling, the life of a new mom is not as easy as it seems. From breastfeeding your newborns to changing their diapers, first-time mothers are faced with new responsibilities and tasks. Changing diapers in the morning tends to be normally trouble-free. But during night-time, sleep comes in great demand for you as well as your baby.

APA, the American Pregnancy Association recommends every new mom and midwife to change the baby diapers every 2 to 3 hours. Under normal conditions, if they are not sick or feverish, newborns urinate around twenty times a day. Changing diapers frequently is tiresome and expensive. If your baby is sleeping, there is no need to wake him/her to change it.

As a new parent, you might keep asking yourself how often I should change my newborn’s diaper. When it comes to pooping, it is essential to change the diaper immediately after you notice a bowel movement. When the diaper remains unchanged for a long time, it can irritate your baby’s skin. When they are exposed to poop, your baby gets diaper rashes, making their skin sore and scaly. In most cases, they are prone to infection, especially for baby girls. Moreover, urination changes the pH level of the baby’s skin, creating the right environment for fungi and bacteria to grow faster. As the diaper is worn in a way to prevent the leakage of poop and urine, keeping the soiled diaper for too long increases the temperature within the diaper. Poop along with urine allows the moist environment to multiply bacteria at a faster rate. To worsen the situation, leaked diapers make your bed sheet and other clothes dirty.

Night-time diaper changes

As a first-time mother, the question – how often should you change your newborn’s diaper keeps you worrying. Here are 2 helpful tips for night-time diaper changes.

  1. Bedtime is the best time

Changing diapers at bedtime will help the mother and the newborn to get the maximum sleeping hours.

  1. Use diaper rash creams

Before going to bed, apply diaper rash creams to avoid possible rashes on the baby’s skin.