Welcome to Zessar – The premier Australian clothing label for toddler and baby girls

My name is Smitha and I live with my husband and our two little cheeky pops in Melbourne, Australia. I call myself an inspired artist. Getting inspired by the nature around us and weaving those magical elements into the clothes I make is my passion. I had a real love for designing outfits from my childhood and always dreamed of starting a luxurious clothing label for children.  Being employed in a corporate firm and then back home creating a beautiful world around my kids, gave me no chance to pursue my dreams! So, I took the plunge and left my lucrative job after having my second baby. 

I started off designing beautiful toddler girl clothing. As a newbie in the clothing industry, we initially began sourcing our fabrics from a separate manufacturing house. Within a short time, our team realized that we couldn’t meet our strict quality standards, one of the most sought-after factors in the garment industry, using those suppliers. Lack of control over their manufacturing process ended up in searching for a new supplier who can ensure the best quality raw materials. After exploring several options, we find the gem within our family, who owns a small clothing unit in India, the country renowned for producing authentic garments. This made everything easy for us. From coordinating all the elements of designing to fabric selection/printing and stitching, we do it right here in Australia with great ease!

Over the years, I gained a handful of experience and all the clothes including newborn baby girl clothes are designed by me in Melbourne. We work purely in premium quality, soft cotton, which is 100% natural, sustainable, and biodegradable product safe for our mother earth. 

Take a quick look at our online store, where you can see a fabulous collection of tops, bottoms, rompers, dresses, winter clothes and accessories that are specially designed for your little ones. Purchase our baby girl clothes using Afterpay and get it shipped from Melbourne, Australia.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

 If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at admin@zessar.com

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