Motherhood is an amazing journey in a woman’s life where she lives every moment of the day with excitement and worries, for sure. The day you come to know that you are pregnant with a baby a mother is born. A cherishing experience that is difficult to put into words, motherhood is something beyond comparison.

As soon as you get to know that you are pregnant, hundreds of thousands of questions come to your mind about your baby. But the question, “Am I having a girl or a boy?”  is the burning one. Before taking an ultrasound scan, is it possible to now the gender of your baby? Well, just check these traditionally held signs to predict your baby’s sex.

  1. Morning sickness

Morning sickness may be an indication that you are having a baby girl! Some recent studies suggest that the baby’s gender is connected with the way you feel sick during your pregnancy.

A recent study conducted in 2017 shows that women pregnant with a baby girl are subjected to more inflammation. It means that they are more exposed to bacterial attacks than the women carrying boys.

  1. Carrying the baby high

Purely an old wives’ tale, carrying the baby high is said to be one of the signs that you are having a girl child.

  1. Heart rate

One of the most beautiful experiences during your pregnancy periods is the time you first hear your baby’s heartbeat – a priceless feeling for every new mom. Baby girls are said to have a higher heartbeat rate when compared with boys.

The normal heartbeat of a fetus in the utero ranges between 120 and 160. Studies show that during labour, the baby if it’s a girl, tends to have a higher heartbeat.

  1. Linea nigra

Is it true that the dark line or the ‘Linea nigra’ determines the gender of your baby? Well, most of the women say that if the pigmented line stops at the belly button, you have conceived a baby girl.

If the dark line extends down to your belly, crossing the belly button, it’s a prince in waiting!

But this opinion has not backed by science. The actual reason for the formation of the dark line is the increase of melanin production in women during pregnancy.

  1. Urine color

Sometimes old wives’ tales go to that extreme which makes you utter confused. It is said that the color of urine indicates the sex of your baby. Clear or dull urine means you are pregnant with a girl child!

But in reality, it is not the case. The color variation in your urine is linked with the health status of a pregnant woman.